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    What if I want to major in economics but the campus that they offer me doesn't have the required subject for it?

    Got an offer in Bcomm at sutherland (Loftus) and I wanted to major in Economics but the campus doesn't offer some of the subjects required. What to do?
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    Materialism vs Idealism?

    Materialism = The physical reality comes first and influences the ideology of human history Idealism = The emergence of idea comes first and influences the physical condition of human history
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    How do you think did the first ever government or political organisation in human history was formed?

    In my opinion, it was the occurrence of the division of labor that formed the government, as, in hunter gathering society, different people had different roles in the hunter gathering society, with some taking the lead of hunting foods, or some taking the role of taking care of kids, some...
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    Do you believe, or even accept Nihilism?

    After watching a video about yume nikki, I'm keeping on thinking about this question, personally, although I didn't like how nihilists applied the philosophy that "nothings has any meaning, and life doesn't have any meaning" into real life, in a sense, I did see this conclusion was from a...
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    Is there any interesting or unique features in the UoN

    I dunno, this question just kind of popped up in my mind after seeing the train station in MQU, emm is there any features (or things in general) that makes UoN "not like other universities"?
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    Thoughts on Legal Studies Paper?

    Any thought? The way they ask questions (in the options) kind of changed from the past papers, well its basically the same
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    Is it too much to ask for a job/career in arts, social science etc etc that pays good, has very good job growth and highly satisfying?

    I want money, but I also want other things like job satisfaction or any thing that can lever up my life (such as develop my perspectives)
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    Hey it's around 1 to 3 weeks from our HSC exams but for the current two to three days I felt like whenever I tried to remember the contents (Like memorise a legislation by repeating it for ten minutes 'try') I just forget about it like two days after. It used to work for me but somehow my brain...
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    Results vs Process

    I remember three years ago, my math's teacher told me and my class something like "effort without the result is equal to no effort". I didn't like this cruel and result based narrative, but I think that it does make sense. I mean, what is difference of putting the effort into it then you don't...
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    Bachelor of Social Science especially majoring with psychology?

    Teaching quality? Workload? Student quality? Quality of the support. Can anyone who knows about it tell me if it's good from these aspects please? Thanks
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    Why are Australian universities ranked so high for nursing?

    Just wanna ask, is it because that the Australian government cares about medicare a lot so the government is trying to push this area as much as possible and this influenced the universities?
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    Anyone doing any of Social Science, Psychological science, commerce or education in UoN?

    Is anyone doing any of these bachelors in UoN, how is the student experience such as social life, teaching quality, student cohort or the workload etc?
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    How accurate is the university rankings? which one is the most objective one?

    I've been checking the QS, THE and the Shanghairanking. For each subject I check for each uni the rankings for the uni is always different. For example like for Business and Economics in THE UoN ranks for 151-175 globally where as in QS it is ranked in 400+. I heard that in some rankings...
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    UNSW Prep Program or transfer?

    Hi, I just found out that I'm able to apply for the UNSW Prep Program due to financial hardships that my family is having right now, but I also found myself eligible for an early entry for uon. UNSW Prep Program allows me to get an undergraduate degree after the program I am able to study for...
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    Can anyone mark my essay? (give advices and tell me where I did good)

    Evaluate how effective changes to family law have been in reflecting changing community values. In reference to changing of community values, the Australian family law system provided a mixed effectiveness of reflection, as it does struggle to provide a response for the emerging replacement...
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    Dealing with burn out during the HSC

    in yr 11, I did my HSC for english standard (my school's doing 3 hsc in year 11 and 3 in yr12), I studied around 8 hrs to 12 hrs everyday (including the 10 minutes of rest every hour) during the periods of the HSC exam and burnt out myself. After a period of extreme stress I found myself that I...
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    Anyone doing bachelor of Cybersecurity and Behaviour??

    How good is it in terms of teaching quality and the amount of resources provided?
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    Still confused by the moderation

    Say, five students Internal: A - 90 B - 85 C - 83 D - 80 E - 75 External: B - 95 A - 85 C - 80 D - 85 E - 80 Internal mark of A becomes 95 since A is ranked first in the internals, but what happens to the internal marks to students like B?
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    possibility to get a good atar with okay internal marks, low scaled subjects and bad cohort?

    subjects like industrial technology, CAFS, English Standard, information and digital technology for my CAFS and English standard I averaged between 80-88% until I bombed the trials and HSC exam which is both 50%+ and 70+ respectively. (My schools is doing a thing called compressed curriculum...
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    CAFS exam tommorrow

    any idea what will come up?