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    Help with a maths question??

    Ok lol, I know I'm dumb but I need someone to show me how to do this! If I got 39/62 on a maths test what percent is that out of 15? Cause the test was weighted at 15% I only know how to convert it out of 100%
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    Need an English tutor

    I'm looking for someone who can tutor me online if possible (currently doing English adv) I'm mostly after feedback on my writing and proof reading/editing before I submit my major works. If you're a school leaver, proof of your results would be great. Money's not a problem and I'm...
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    ATAR estimate pls :)

    I need an ATAR of 95 to get into my 1st preference. In 2015 it was 93 guaranteed entry, but I've been watching it go up each year, so I'm giving myself some leeway. Physics - 7/28 Business studies - 3/18 SOR II - 3/16 English Advanced - 1/32 Modern History - 2/26 School rank top 100 I know...