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  1. BlueGas

    How do HSC markers bother reading messy responses and still give band 5/6?

    I've noticed a common trend in the samples responses for English questions and it's that band 5/6 responses are almost always messy and the lower bands have much more tidier and readable writing. Why? What do you think? Here's an example: Band 5/6 response: https://imgur.com/CJrvqrJ...
  2. BlueGas

    How'd everyone find the multiple choice section?

    To be honest, some were kind of hard like the graph representing the 3 energy systems, or the alternative medicine approach question.
  3. BlueGas

    Monomer question

  4. BlueGas

    Need help for maths question!!

    https://imgur.com/a/ti53r1p It makes no sense. (by the way this is for my bro)
  5. BlueGas

    An idea to decrease the number of bots

    I was thinking there should be a requirement where in order to post a link you must have at least 25 posts or something like that. This way the bots won't be able to start posting links upon creating their account.
  6. BlueGas

    What's needed to get into a Pathology?

    Currently doing Biomedsci, does becoming a pathologist require GAMSAT? What are some of the things I would need to get to become a pathologist? I honestly don't know because I was planning on becoming a teacher and I knew what I had to do.
  7. BlueGas

    What is the optometry field like?

    How hard is it to get in optometry? How does one become an optometrist anyway?
  8. BlueGas

    Physics Help Thread

    Setting up this thread for questions that I need help with :) For this question ------- A motorist travels 3 km North and 4 km East. What is the displacement from the starting position? Do I just use Pythagoras's Theorem? How about this? A student walks 1.0 kilometer due east and 1.0...
  9. BlueGas

    Thoughts on Hype DC shoe store?

    Is it a good place to buy the type of shoes they sell?
  10. BlueGas

    MacBook Pro vs ???? (Is there better for uni)?

    Is there a better macbook than the MacBook Pro (with Retina Display) 128GB for uni and is required for general stuff e.g. browsing enter, typing up documents (these are done simultaneously most of the time), watching videos, etc. Is 128 GB enough? Weight is not a factor, so is there a better...
  11. BlueGas

    Looking for a laptop case/sleeve, whatever you wanna call it :)

    Don't know much about products in this area and I thought I'll buy a case for my laptop so I can bring it with my to university safely. What's a good quality case and how much would it usually cost?
  12. BlueGas

    What are some simple and tasty smoothies to make?

    Looking for simple (about 3 fruits/vegies) and tasty smoothie to make, any ideas?
  13. BlueGas

    Need help buying a good printer

    I'm looking for a printer that doesn't cut out half of the words on the bottom of the page, and maybe also wireless. Budget around 0-$200.
  14. BlueGas

    Need help on buying a better laptop

    I've currently got a laptop with these specs (just the main ones): - AMD A6-4400M APU - ~2.7ghz - AMD Radeon HD 7520G I might need to mention abit more but I think this is enough, and I need a better laptop than this, with a budget around 600-700 dollars, has to be a non-touch screen...
  15. BlueGas

    Need to know how to study...

    I don't want to go university not knowing how to properly study afterwards. What do I do? Do I create my own notes? Is there even time for that? Do I go over the lecture slides? I'm already buying the required texts for each of my subjects (except one which doesn't require a textbook) and I want...
  16. BlueGas

    Question about required textbooks

    I'm looking through the subject outlines and I don't really know the proper name of the required texts for the subjects I'm doing. For example Chemistry 1, this is the required text, but what's the actual name of the book? What do I tell the person in store lol.
  17. BlueGas

    Few questions

    - Is it possible to achieve a distinction or even a high distinction with 3 to 4 hours of study a day? - Where are your marks recorded when you graduate? As far as I know, aren't you given a certificate with your name and your course when you graduate? Is there a separate document with your...
  18. BlueGas

    Biomedical/Medical Science question

    I'm doing Biomedical science but since it's at UTS and biomedical is pretty similar medical, I thought I'd ask this to this who are also doing medical science. Is it true that there's alot to write and it's better to bring a device? I know there's also drawings in science and it can be hard to...
  19. BlueGas

    Mathematics Readiness Survey (MRS)

    Can someone explain to me what this is? And what happens when I do an MRS?
  20. BlueGas

    Anyone know where I can find these jackets?

    I'm more specifically asking about the jackets on the left and the right.