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    ANU ADV Comp Sci/Econ

    Hello everyone, Just looking for anyones opinion on this degree offered, Do you recommend it? Thankyou!
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    ATAR help!

    Hey everyone, Just want to start off by saying ik Prelims don't count but progress check! So im currently doing 2 Accelerated courses ( currently in year 10!) Metal and Eng Currently on 81% Rank 3/34 Avg 55% SOR II 73% Rank 12/21 Avg ?? Those are both accelerated Im doing these next year. EXT...
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    Yr 11/12 subjects

    Hey yall I'll like your opinion on my HSC subjects im planning on doing. Mathematics EXTI English SOR II ( accelerated) Metal + Eng (accelerated) Economics Software design and dev. Thanks for your time!