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  1. BlueGas

    Digitalising Notes

    As long as you can organise your notes so that YOU can read it and understand where everything is located, you don't have to worry about digitalising your notes. How neat your notes are don't correlate to how well you perform within the classroom.
  2. BlueGas

    Any alternatives to edrolo?

    Stile education
  3. BlueGas

    Laptop for CompSci

    Can't go wrong with any of them tbh.
  4. BlueGas

    bio notes

    It doesn't matter at all. As long as you have broken down each syllabus point and addressed each part appropriately.
  5. BlueGas

    bio notes

    Please do not think of how many words you have, instead think of whether or not you have addressed each syllabus dot point appropriately.
  6. BlueGas

    can you withdraw after enrolling in classes?

    You're allowed to withdraw before the census date.
  7. BlueGas

    Anyone from UTS interested in hanging out next semester?

    Hmm this may perhaps be a personal question but is there a reason why you're asking here instead of other people in your classes e.g. tutorials or even societies and clubs you may be interested in?
  8. BlueGas

    Diagnostic Radiography: USYD vs UON

    Hi, it's great that you're passionate about studying diagnostic radiography (who knows, you may even want to do sonography at some point !), and hopefully you can make it. Of course, it's good to think about having backup plans, so I think it's best to confirm with USYD student centre what the...
  9. BlueGas

    UTS Studies

    Maybe from 3 to 2.5 years if you complete summer subjects.
  10. BlueGas

    thoughts on purposefully failing a subject you can't drop but have a backup plan for?

    You've already completed IPT so that's 2 units completed. While it doesn't make sense for your school to hold such a policy, at the end of the day you'll just have to suck it up and endure the subject for the rest of the term. Perhaps you might encounter something that is of interest to you...
  11. BlueGas

    thoughts on purposefully failing a subject you can't drop but have a backup plan for?

    Just drop it. Why would you continue doing the subject if you're not interested in doing the subject anyway? I wouldn't worry about scaling, since Biology and IPT scale very similarly.
  12. BlueGas

    help please! bio mod 5 :)

    Next time, read the syllabus as your first point of reference.
  13. BlueGas

    Who else had unsupervised exams during lockdown?

    Speaking of unsupervised exams I remember being the only one doing my HSC IPT exam in the hall and the supervisors left me unattended for about 15mins to have a ciggie break.
  14. BlueGas

    ANU..is it really that bad?

    Is that the only offer you received? If not, then consider whichever university is closer to you.
  15. BlueGas

    IPT HSC Option Topics

    Transaction and multimedia systems are the easiest/most interesting to learn in my opinion.
  16. BlueGas

    Officeworks interview

    Yes, I was free throughout the entire week since I was studying my course online.
  17. BlueGas

    Officeworks interview

    I really don't want to say this, but I was being genuinely extroverted and I was still declined of the job. Since I felt so confident with how I went with the interview I asked them why and they replied saying "We loved your energy but unfortunately you just didn't make it", that's all they...
  18. BlueGas


    Here? Other than that, no.
  19. BlueGas

    Possible to balance work & uni?

    In that case, you shouldn't worry because lectures are not compulsory and will be uploaded online as already mentioned above.
  20. BlueGas

    Possible to balance work & uni?

    You must also consider other classes such as practicals which often go for 3 hours and are compulsory, since part of your double degree is Medical Science. At UTS, practicals are either in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and since you'll be working from 8 to 6 you will be forced choose the...