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    How would you answer this essay question?

    How do the key themes of your texts reflect the context of its production I don't really know how to answer the question
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    Any advice for maths ext 1? I'm feeling screwedd...

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    Any advice for Module C

    I wanna do creative writing but should i also be practicing discursive and persuasive just in case? thanx
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    Post any trial Papers pretty pls

    thanxx x P.S I'll post some too
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    Post any Trial Papers pretty pls

    Post any trial papers ie catholic and others
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    Atar estimate plss

    I wanna get like a 96 atar🤞🤞 Tbh my internal ranks are really bad and I really want to make up for them in HSC. Is it still possible? Maths Ext: 39/49 Music 1: 6/12 Eng Stand: 38/95 Chem: 39/55 Geo: 18/28 Maths Adv: 35/95 My school rank is like in the 70s-80s/90s thanxx
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    Stories on getting a 96 plus atar.

    Also what were your internal ranks and school rank? Thanxx
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    How to access thsconline 2019 trial papers?

    They made some weird changes and we can't seem to access the 2019 ones. Please help me and my 2020 graduates. We are so unfortunate learning a new syllabus during this unprecedented time and now we have to be fed up with some more problems. Please open them so we have access to them. Thank youu xx