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  1. Zyphronic

    ATAR Estimate

    I'm trying to get a 92-93 ATAR + 5 adjustment factors (location catchment) to get into Macquarie University's Law School but I'm feeling slightly unsure now that I've performed very poorly in English. Is there still a way to make a comeback even though my rank is absolutely horrendous. My...
  2. Zyphronic

    Studying for English

    Trials are coming up and I've prepared for mostly everything besides English. I'm really stumped on where to start as I haven't done much this year particularly for ModA and it doesn't help that COVID is a thing and I don't have a very good teacher. I'm interested in hearing how past students...
  3. Zyphronic

    Preparation for Year 11

    I want to use my holidays effectively to get ahead. How can I prepare for these subjects? Music 2 Legal Studies Japanese Beginners Biology English Advanced Math Advanced
  4. Zyphronic

    HSC Mark

    As you can see in my signature, I'm doing a accelerated subject meaning I'm not eligible for an ATAR. However, after calculating my internal's. I've gotten a mark of 76.8/100. Just wondering if I can still get a Band 6 or even possibly high Band 6? I did really bad on my first three...
  5. Zyphronic

    Past Papers

    Is it better to: 1. Memorise all the content and do the past papers in exam conditions or 2. Do the past papers with notes to make it easier Which one is better to prepare for trials? Because right now I feel like I don't have enough time to memorise all the content and do multiple...
  6. Zyphronic

    General Math VS Advanced Math

    Which would be better for me? Right now, my mark is hovering around 50%-60% for the hardest math at my school and I was recommended Math Advanced. Should I take it and drop it if I can't do it and just do Genny Math? Also, in the event I do end up dropping it, when would be the best time to drop...
  7. Zyphronic

    Studying and Revising Effectively Tips

    After finding this forum, I have recently have the motivation to turn my school life around and achieve good marks, and get into the good habit of studying and revising daily. Context: I am Year 10 student that takes SORII Accelerated and I am currently in my 'HSC Year'. Like the title...
  8. Zyphronic

    Year 11 Subject Selections

    I'm planning on doing: -Legal Studies -Japanese Beginners -Music 2 -Biology -English Advanced/Standard -Math Standard My question is: I want to get into Law/Music degree at Uni and I'm not sure whether I should do English Advanced or Standard. I've heard from some of my senior friends...