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  1. Zyphronic

    Can anyone mark my essay? (give advices and tell me where I did good)

    I don't really have time to read the whole essay but just from looking at the first sentence, I will note that 'legislation' is already a plural as opposed to 'legislations'.
  2. Zyphronic


    1. figure out what you already know and are confident with. There is no point in wasting time by memorising things you already know. 2. Try to memorise all the content you don't know/not very confident with. I would find questions suited to that topic (syllabus points) and answer them open...
  3. Zyphronic

    HSC Trials is in one week from now and I have not started studying properly

    I would disagree with you saying 'language doesn't need study' since I think this is the absolute fundamental. It's not something you can just cram two weeks before an exam. I'm also presuming you mean that you have studied Russian Continuers throughout the year and don't need much study as the...
  4. Zyphronic

    HSC Trials is in one week from now and I have not started studying properly

    It'd probably depend on your school as NESA doesn't have strict guidelines. Just don't pick up any N-warnings and finish all your work, turn up to exams and do assignments and you should be good.
  5. Zyphronic

    HSC Trials is in one week from now and I have not started studying properly

    I might just add while doing past papers although it may seem daunting you have the option of open-book which means you can refer to notes. If you don't know how to do a question, try your hardest to write what you can. Through this method, you can identify your weak points and your strong points!
  6. Zyphronic

    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    I think that's the point of an application!
  7. Zyphronic

    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    So does that mean we don't have to reapply? We just keep waiting for the next few rounds and if we don't get it too bad? Also, if we accept an offer, does that mean we are not eligible for another one?
  8. Zyphronic

    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    I'm curious about this as well as I also had law as my first preference
  9. Zyphronic

    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    I got an offer as well for Commerce/Arts which I'm really happy about but similiar to @aebuaries it wasn't the degree I was hoping for. Do we have a chance at getting an offer for a first preferences in the later rounds?
  10. Zyphronic

    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    I'm pretty sure they email you
  11. Zyphronic

    Macquarie Leaders & Achievers

    Has anyone got an offer yet?
  12. Zyphronic

    ATAR Estimate

    I'm not sure what you mean 😯 I've applied for MQ Early Entry. My marks are Band 6 for Music Extension and High Band 5 for Music 2. We usually get like 3 band 6s in Music 2 per year and like 6 for Extension. I'll probably make another post with final ranks and trial marks though haha
  13. Zyphronic

    ATAR Estimate

    I'm trying to get a 92-93 ATAR + 5 adjustment factors (location catchment) to get into Macquarie University's Law School but I'm feeling slightly unsure now that I've performed very poorly in English. Is there still a way to make a comeback even though my rank is absolutely horrendous. My...
  14. Zyphronic

    Studying for English

    Trials are coming up and I've prepared for mostly everything besides English. I'm really stumped on where to start as I haven't done much this year particularly for ModA and it doesn't help that COVID is a thing and I don't have a very good teacher. I'm interested in hearing how past students...
  15. Zyphronic

    Macquarie’s leaders and achievers help!!

    I might just add that its 1000 characters so don't freak out about 1000 words. I would also recommend you type it into a separate document as it doesn't save your progress meaning you have to finish the application in one sitting.
  16. Zyphronic


    Sleep. I've been sleeping before 12 most school days (excluding holidays) and I'm feeling energetic at school whilst everyone is like a pack of dead zombies. What I do to stay up on top of all my work and have a mostly healthy sleep schedule: 1. Establish what I have to do that particular day...
  17. Zyphronic

    Online Classes

    In a similiar situation, I get distracted really easily and having the library closed means I have to stay at home. I can't concentrate at home/ get as much work done.
  18. Zyphronic

    Whats are the criteria of effectiveness and what do they each mean? LEGAL ASSIGNMENT ;-;

    The criteria of effectiveness refer to how effective your chosen case study relates to it. You will need to evaluate (I presume) four chosen criteria of effectiveness. You need to make a judgement on whether they are effective or not. I would also recommend you use the other side of the...
  19. Zyphronic

    Best English tuition?

    I might add that although having a private tutor is beneficial for more personalised teaching, they are expected to have a solid knowledge on your text, otherwise there is not much point. My point is that it is up to the tutor to know the syllabus and texts well enough to have be able to teach...
  20. Zyphronic

    Tell me about Australian High Schools!

    Doing an extracurricular activity will definitely help. I personally have quite a few musical commitments but that's what keeps me from burning out. In regards to your question on Bands, there are 6 bands. Ideally, you would want to add for Band 6. Each of the bands have an allocated a mark...