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  • LOL shes had enough of our shit and everyone elses
    i had a gut feeling this was going to happen last night ahahahaha
    probably. i wonder where she got the questions from lol
    questions in this test required so much effort man.. definitely one of the hardest tests out of homebush.
    lol i reckon the results for this test are going to be horrid.
    the difficulty of this test was blown out of proportion to our previous ones
    nah bro im expecting derek to top.. iirc, he got all the questions except a few parts of the last series question.
    with the second last question (15), i skipped the last part with the 2 circles, and i skipped the last 2 parts of the parabola + circle question. fml.
    with the last question, i skipped all parts in the b) except the inequality. wbu?
    nah bro, cs was good :p accumulated 200+ hrs during SC period haha
    why not? quite a few people from our school are going and you get to meet the famous carrrot and spiral
    lol i got it before it was free and it was heaps popular :L
    now its just rampant with kids
    you mean bos meet or what?
    camera/alarm + many other things don't work....
    lol mate its not that old! still heaps fun
    nah i don't have any of the cod series
    used to play cod4 though
    Haha i dunno, maybe it is. And hell yeah. Trials worth 40%. Let's gun em!!

    (i've lost most motivation tbh lol)
    Yeah brah. The one and only guy who got 37.5/38. Can you guess from there? :p

    So you going to the sesh or not?
    Hey man, i did alright. I'll hopefully keep my ranking so i'm not too bothered. Trying to focus on bringing my other subs up tbh lol (english! :O). Hbu?

    Yeah i'll pm him. Night is going as well.
    Fucking Hbhs. Yeah it's sammy bhoy. Hmm i'll do graphs!! How about we split complex as it's so big (i'll do a larger share though cos it's graphs has less than conics). I'm taking thursday next week off either way. :D
    Haha yeah it was pretty constraining in terms of time. Though i'm satisfied with my approach in answering the question. I hate Porteus though. Fml.
    (and fml how many people from our school are on bos?)
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