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Recent content by username_2

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    Short answer help

    A caption could be: When you gotta get to work in 10 minutes but the train's so full ya gotta annoy everyone there by pushing in. 3/3 caption lol
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    Let's Talk Music

    hmmm... how about no english music at all. That sounds okay to me. But for some reason I do like the casual-ness of Bruno Mars - its pretty neat.
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    My Goal For An Immortal Generation.

    That sounds far more reasonable and is probably close to discovery as well (maybe idk). But like making people live forever is kinda ridiculous.
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    Where can I find hard practice questions

    I think the simplest resources for these are past HSC papers, past trial papers and question banks on thsc (even atar notes is pretty good). Funny how atar notes is just replaced by ********* lol
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    How long does it take to learn prelim syllabus for chemistry and physics?

    Bro, you can do this. I was sleeping in yr 11 chem - if you're able to pass your prelims, then you can definitely do this. Chemistry is really hectic but the most important thing is really getting down the concepts of moles and the entirety of last chapters. Quintissential these two - general...
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    How is $80+/hr a justified rate?!?! Tell me your thoughts + why

    Lmao $80 per hour. I feel like im ripping off the student at any age, at any time with how much ever experience. Like it causes me physical pain to charge more that $40 per hour. I would not even be happy - but that aside, no matter what kinda student you are, when coming fresh outta high school...
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    My Goal For An Immortal Generation.

    Calm down lad. Its like jumping off Everest and trying to survive. You prolly have better things to do. This sounds very obsessive and you should really chill. :p I really wonder what you want to do by living such a long life...
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    main concepts to know?

    PHYSICS: I personally think that all of mod 4 is completely relevant for yr 12 - especially when dealing with the first part of electromagnetism. In waves, the only thing you might need is standing waves. Mod 1 and 2 - eh, just revise the key concepts but you cannot do yr 12 mechanics super...
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    prove irrationality of logs

    I actually don't think you can prove ln(2) being irrational with the exact layout used in ext2 because ln is basically log(e) where e is a transcendental number (i.e. not an integer) so dont worry too much about.
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    heelllppp pls binomial q

    Hey... um its not m abs(B/(B-18k)) = k/m, its ln(abs(B/(B-18k))) = k/m. Sorry for the terrible handwriting
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    prove irrationality of logs

    Hmmm a slight modification to the blue underlined statement to account for all log irrationalities would be the following: As 5 and 13 have no common factors (as they are both prime number), there exists no real number where a = b. This is applicable to the 5 10 case if we do the following...
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    heelllppp pls binomial q

    So i remember doing this question and I couldn't figure it out then but I have now. I have put the solution down below. Anything you didn't understand, shoot a reply to this... here goes. Ok so I would even think that many people will get up to this point. But here's the little trick - the...
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    composition and act of covid vaccines

    If you're using this for a scientific investigation - use google scholar (a bit more reliable although I think the above site summarizes the stuff nicely) - although it will be a bit difficult.
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    Notes For Chemistry

    Mod 8 is still lacking - so manny errors
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    How can i improve my notes?

    Open book test = compress the notes - too long and will take too much time in the test. Some tips - remove some of the things that you already remember confidently. Consider the points/ types of questions of the most likely and keep those relevant points with you in the notes. Narrow down even...