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    Level: Advanced English Prescribed text: 1984 To what extent does the representation of individuals within your prescribed text reflect the anomalies, paradoxes and inconsistencies inherent in the human experience? In your response, make detailed reference to ONE text from the prescribed...
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    Anyone want commerce notes?

    Yes please
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    Difference between English Standard & English Studies

    What's the difference between English standard and English studies in terms of scaling & difficulty. Do you have to memorise essays in English Studies?
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    2021 HSC student rantss

    This is my rant: (39) Hitler fails HSC English - YouTube
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    How is Electrotechnology? (VET)

    I'm thinking of doing electrotechnology over information digital technology next year. Can anyone tell me how electrotechnology is?. Also I plan to take on this subject in year 12 too. Just would like to know how difficult this subject is & how much fun it is. Thanks.
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    Information Digital Technology vs Electrotechnology

    Oh okay, I understand what you mean that only one of those VET courses will be counted to my ATAR. Which means my subjects altogether are really only 10 units in year 12. Yeah maybe i'll add another Category A course into my subject selection & pick one VET course since you said only one of them...
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    Information Digital Technology vs Electrotechnology

    So if I choose... Standard Maths Advanced English Physics Economics IDT (VET) Electrotechnology (VET) So am I able to do these subjects & achieve an ATAR at the end of year 12. Whilst I keep all my 12 units?. I'm asking because I found out on the UAC guide 2020 - 21 that "No more than 2...
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    Information Digital Technology vs Electrotechnology

    Yeah I understand it now, Thanks for explaining. I thought it would mean like if I chose electrotechnology for example. That I would be only able to reach a maximum atar of 88 if I have electrotechnology included in my list of subjects.
  9. SPP270717936]/02

    Information Digital Technology vs Electrotechnology

    1. Which subject scales better? 2. Can sit for the trials & HSC examinations with both of these category B subjects? 3. Which subject is more interesting? 4. What is maximum atar?, I see it in the column of UAC's subject scaling table 2019 which shows for Electrotechnology as: 88.05 & IDT as...
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    Thank you for the support and replying to my questions : ) . I'll definitely make sure to put in the effort and study as long as I can. I'm noticing you're emphasis on asking questions too which I'll make sure to do!.
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    Well say if I put 2 hours a day of studying physics and understanding it on my own every week. This would to catch up on the topic of kinematics. I would use this time to learn the content and practice some questions using the textbook. Would this be effective for me? and this is because I have...
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    The thing i'm most worried about is Physics. I have absolutely no knowledge of Physics and I'm behind a term and missed out on the topic of Kinematics. My Dad is very good at physics and can teach everything about it. But I'm uncertain whether I'll succeed or fail which worries me so much and he...
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    Moving Schools during the beginning of Term 2 Year 11

    Hi guys, I'm moving schools during he beginning of term 2 as I'm unhappy with my subjects and I've talked to my curriculum coordinator and I wasn't able to get my subjects. I moving away from a catholic school and going into either Greystanes high school or Arthur Phillip High school. I don't...
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    What do I need in order to succeed in history extension?

    What is that I need or require for me to succeed in history extension. I'm pretty worried about picking history extension in year 12. Since I'm really not that confident in my wording of my essays. My essays are somewhat verbose too. Right now I'm in year 11. So would I just need to practice...