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  • some members of the bos community stalk people and masturbates over them in the dark and also in the light
    haha. people on BoS arent that bad, ive met a lot of the older members that arent around so much. they're pretty nice. not creepy at all
    the worst thing thats happened since posting a photo of myself is other posters recognising and seeing me around uni, haha
    I'm really happy you told me about the Medstudentonline website. Answers many of my questions.

    Just gonna focus on school and UMAT so that I can get into first round interviews.

    Thanks again and just like you, happy to help. :)
    I found this on this website.


    I'm just going through each and every file and folder of it and it's helping me heaps.

    But the MSO's link is extremely helpful as well...

    Thanks for the thousandth time. :L
    That is the same with me, I am more confident in the interview than the ATAR and UMAT hurdle.

    No, I haven't taken any UMAT or Interview classes. I joined Medstudentonline; that said, I do tend to fuss over these kind of things. My classmates come to me for Uni advise on anything instead of the careers advisor. If you are interested in UMAT seminars, you can ask here in the Med section. If you go on Medstudentsonline, they have various questions composed by the members that are like the questions. However, it does not allow UMAT seminar discussion.

    No problems with the questions- like I said, I am happy to help :)

    Also, here is a link to the mock questions in UMAT ( go to 2nd post)
    The interview actually is the least of my worries, but geeze it sounds so hard.

    Thank you for soo much information though.

    BTW Did you know all this by joining any UMAT/interview classes? If so, which one??

    Sorry for so many questions, but I'm really freaking out. :(
    I made up my mind quite late about doing Medicine because of my poor results in Year 11 so I have to rely on other people to tell me what to do etc.

    Hate it when they provide me with wrong info.

    The part about their facilities, I might have to research more, will need it if I make it to the interview!
    Heyy....thanks a lot for your help. The table on that website is amaaazingggg!!

    People keep telling me UWS is a crap UNI etc. but nice to know that a Medicine degree is a medicine degree at the end :)

    Thanks again, really appreciate it.
    Yeah, it will be really hard to get in. I am doing UMAT this year, kinda excited =)

    That's awesome, how do you enjoy it? Are you looking to transfer in to usyd or elsewhere?
    gooooood. if you're pro you can get in. u doin UMAT this yr?
    i do med science @ usyd so im also hoping to get into med
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