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    Any alternatives to edrolo?

    HSC study lab provide syllabus videos for Chem, Phys. I have comprehensive notes covering ALL Syllabus points for Business, Eco. PM if you want them. I have free Topic 1 notes for Eco and Business for anyone as well (for you if you want). Cheers
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    Early entry

    No worries but get some sleep!!! Seriously! No point cramming now, doesn't end well. Good luck with it
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    Early entry

    Hey there, I remember being in your position!!! I was soo anxious that I wouldn't get into Uni. There are always opportunities. Believe it or not, I got 4 early offers and ended up getting a scholarship to USYD for Bachelor of Commerce and a 94 atar!! (separate - no early offer). In saying...
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    TOPIC 1 ECO NOTES!!!! - HSC course

    Received 88 in Eco for HSC 2020 and these notes cover EVERY SYLLABUS POINT in amazing detail with up to date economic statistics and case studies. Please PM to purchase other 3 topics (same quality and format used!!) in order to have the perfect framework to smash Eco!
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    Colum McCann - ‘What time is it now where you are?’ Syllabus Driven Notes and Mod C (COW) Prep

    I have removed my discursive/creative piece (500 words) I used for the HSC Trials (19/20) which takes on the voice of Kimberlee and her reaction to the loss of Sandi (my plot - which I used McCann's conventions to write) - please PM me in you would like to purchase full piece (to use for your...
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    I accidentally wrote a reflection for MOD C

    Yeah ik, just hard to do so... I always brew and stew over these mattes Good luck for you too bro
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    I accidentally wrote a reflection for MOD C

    Hi guys, I would like a bit of feedback cause I'm a little deflated after the exam today I got 94.35 as my internal average for Advanced English and ranked first in my cohort. I smashed paper 1 - might lose a couple of marks However today; I smashed Mod A writing 6.5 pages (confident for 20...
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    economics macro policy question.

    In a skeletal sense this is correct. Just make sure you know the motives for why the banks change their rates of interest (i.e. they are selective when loaning money). Also you didn't mention the cash rate surprisingly i.e. the rate at which the RBA LENDS money to the banks in their Exchange...
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    Atar estimation pls

    Ah okay
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    Atar estimation pls

    Gl. If it's independent paper you should ace it - pretty straightforward
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    Atar estimation pls

    Damn those business marks... I'm on 97/98 after trials for business and I thought I was ace. Have you done the trials?? You're looking at 97. I was too, but trials changed that
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    should I do extension 2?

    Do both and one other subject you're good at which is pretty straightforward (e.g. Business Studies). Imagine all the study periods you would have...
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    should I be stressed about prelim? how should I study?

    Wait till you hit HSC... :rolleyes:
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    Don't worry about a case study per dot point - perhaps the main topics - marketing, ops, HR, finance Also if you make up a case study in the exam e.g. Habib's Haircuts or Jack's Pizza etc, the marker won't care or be bothered to search the company up. As long as you be realistic and apply the...