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    English Resources

    Keats/bright star
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    Messed up half yearlies

    could be a joke name lol
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    Messed up half yearlies

    and what's a high ATAR for you?
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    Messed up half yearlies

    depends on the school you go to. how does your school rank?
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    Recovering from a very bad result.

    learn to take a joke lol
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    Kurt hates me

    I think Kurt is the only one that does lol
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    Selling my HSC Notes for Legal Studies

    minimum mark of 96 or 97
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    Do we need to know the benefits and costs of Globalisation?

    yes, you need to know that
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    Subject Selection for Yr11 (guidance wanted pls)

    I think it depends on the school, for my school --> kids kinda struggle with the coding stuff but they still get through it imo it's kinda hard
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    2021-22 HSC Advice

    enjoy yr 11 but also study, don't stress out too much. make timetables and plan what you wanna do for the day, take breaks when studying etc.etc. and also join some extracurricular activity your subjects are pretty good so dw about that
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    Subject Selection for Yr11 (guidance wanted pls)

    sdd is pretty different to ist/ipt. sdd involves a lot more coding etc.
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    Is chess a sport?

    being really good at chess is probably harder than being really good at ext 2 math
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    Subject Selection for Yr11 (guidance wanted pls)

    just keep in mind --> economics is nothing like the commerce you did in yr10. it gets pretty stressful in yr12 as you have a lot of content and statistics to remember. it would be beneficial to read The Australian Financial Review regularly in yr12 as it would help you have to good knowledge of...
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    English Assignment

    I legit did one like a week ago lol