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  • No worries. Yeah that place is awesome. There's heaps of stuff I wanna get from there, but not enough room to put them lol.
    Are you going to uws bankstown ? Meet you there, doing bach of ed for primary school teaching lulzzzz
    LOL at all the sadkunts who try and talk to a chick they met online...make it even worser its BOS forums , LOL
    LOL at both of uuu... bro i swear afta hsc u guyzz should meet up (as friends of course) =1] <<< (LOL i jus made an arab smiley facee... he even has a moustache :) ) ....... nywayz yer me nd tony r maddd he is like my olda brooo.. he tells me alot... and and and and my quadriple bam was hectic.. man cbs sending this 2 both of uuu bos is such a hassal.... yala brossss im out tc say hi 2 ur mums for me=1] << my arab man...
    hahahahaha see :p you would therefore hate uni, so at least say you put your first preference at uws parra lol would die from laughter if you didn't :p you can't resist not talking to people so that wont work and thought you said you wouldn't like those wigger arabs hahahaha didn't you put any other uni, like other than uws?? that's aiight then, pretty cool subjects but how do you study for geo :confused: what's in a geo exam lol
    lol I didn't judge, I'm saying it according to your friend's belief and what you just said confirmed what she believes :p
    hahahahahaha yes I will take a longgggggggggggg time :p aiight ohana is unique but I like feeling like there's no worries for the rest of your days, so problem free, it's my philosophy hahahahahahaha
    lol yeh they do have the extension exam tomorrow but I accelerated it last year, so i finished 2 unit and extension 1 maths last year hahaha
    Yes most of them are arabs hahaha so what if it's close to home, you would hate, wait to strong of a word :p, you would dislike it lol pretty sure you would rather travel a little further to parra or penrith, whichever is closer, and what do you want to teach in hs, any specific subjects??
    lol well they are basically the same hahaha see you got nice eyes as well so your friend wasn't lieing :p
    mmmmmmm I'll think about it :p and that's an awesome motto but you can't say it to everyone like hakuna matata, it's only for people your close with but hakuna matata can work for people you don't even know :D
    that's good :D feeling prepared for it?? lol um I finished that last year hahahaha
    Hahahahaha that would have been cool and I still might go there, I probably would and like I said there is a lot of people going there so that would be even better lol and still can't believe you would want to go uni in Bankstown hahaha did you seriously put that down :p
    well that's aiight then, sure he will reach his goals and surpass them :D
    Lol well I have seen a lot of puppy dog eyes and I got to say, gypo ones are the most convincing, their big dark eyes are the cutest but nope I wouldn't :p hahahahaha that's aiight and actually its not just a song, it's my motto ;)
    So how is the sor??
    "WALLA saw this chick at the club bro, she's a glamma" "shuu cuzza did u get her numba? bro" "WALLA just flicked my mullet cuz, she came right at me bro" "swear bro swearr..." (-: hey. LOL
    heyy jess:) omg.... this stupid tony kidddd hahahah 5 minutes before my 4 unit exam... im full stressing and about 2 cry and i literally couldnt keep my hands straight.. during the exam thats how stressed i was and this tony kid comes up 2 me (let me remind you again... 5 MINS B4 THE EXAM) and says and i quote " she says hi" and im like "who says hi" and he goes "chahoud" im like broooo.... 5 mins b4 my hsc exam and he tells me this... wat a kofta...but u gotta love tony... best kid out... my mum calls him my second dad.. :) (which is quite weird coz he would of had to commit to inappropriate things at age 2... LOL!
    yala boyzzz i g2g tc say hi to ur mums for me... and chahoud remember my quadriple bam.. i owned u bro... yala tc
    Lol yeh I know you would and that's why I would have laughed :p hahahahaha I know that but catching a train for an hr going each way is quite annoying but I would still be happy to go there :D yeh I know there's nothing wrong with medicine it's actually really good, but why did your brother decide to drop it for pharmacy??
    hahahaha well you do seem very proud of him :D and thank you Hoody :p lol well I'd fall for the puppy dog eyes (usually do :haha:) but like I said if I tell you than you will spoil your good work, now we don't want that to happen :p
    Its spelt Hakuna Matata :p what a wonderful phrase, aint no passing craze it means no worries for the rest of your days lol
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