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  • Best bet is eBay or dymmocks.

    When the hsc is fully over there will be a huge amount of people selling books so I'd would wait then ( alot will sell on this site )
    Hey there, sorry for the late reply. I actually don't have any preliminary papers unfortunately. When the time comes for HSC papers though, feel free to ask - I have millions. All the best.
    lol nope i dont have preliminary past papers, i have everything but. haha. you can find them on the resources tab on this site, or just google it and stuff will coem up 8)

    no worries any time!
    well in preliminary if you want to drop in term 2 or something, you obviously have to pick up another subject. right now it's the end of term 2, and i only have 1 more term left of year 11. my friend is JUST transferring to physics next term so she's going to have to catchh up haha. it actually depends on your school as well but inevitably they cant refuse you from your decision

    All people who have told you that my subjects are too mch to handle are lazy assholes. Lol. as if you'd rather memorize like 10 essays. Science is not hard.

    I started off with no sciences, actually.

    So it's the old, 'do what you are good at'. If you like science go for it. Also, ext and adv english kind of become one subject - it is english after all, and plus i dont pay much attention in class because i know im not doing it next year. However! Ext eng will boost your advanced mark since you are regularly exploring different texts.

    Shoot me a comment anytime if you have any questions

    An dw if you find that you do not like a subject you can always change again, even in year 11.

    All my friends think that i stress a lot from my subjects when in actual fact they're having a more hard time than me. Haha. Life's good. Just study hard and have motivation, youll suceeeed!
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