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  • Yeh, so do yuo get your money back lmao. It's our last lesson next week right?
    I like our classes, I don't want to switch back cause I just got comfortable =[
    Did you get your results back? Dw, you probably did heaps good.

    Nah I am crap at programming, I just passed SDD. Which is pretty shit. I'm just passing in SDD, eng and Maffs Ext =[
    I wish English didn't have to count!!!!
    Finally accepted me! Are you fluent with Visual Basics?
    Yeah, I'm so behind with HW..
    My trials are next term so that's good =]
    Do we have holidays at Dux?
    im Andrew in year 11 from Chevalier College.
    So u also were accepted? if so, and u dont mind me asking, what school are you from?
    heyy yeah white collar crime is really interesting...the whole issue of fraud within and between companies et, insider trading, false financial statements etc really intrigues me. UNSW is really good for engineering. I hear that it is on of the best unis for engineering so good on you. I really hope that you do well in the HSC :) but nonetheless, you are one smart cookie :)
    How did you do in your half yearlies btw??
    ..What 'saga' are you talking about? You're making me sound like a dragon ball z character >_<
    they are all doing civil engineering. i chose a double degree because when i chose commerce in yrs 9 and 10 I really enjoyed the subject. I found that I was just naturally talented at commerce and I knew I had a lot of potential in that area. I enjoy the commerce concepts. When we studied some law in yr 10 commerce I was like "hmmm this is really interesting"...so i chose law in yrs 11 and 12. Loved it and realised that medicine/surgery is just not for me...although I have a strong gut and i dont get grossed out easily, i just knew that law and commerce would be the most perfect degree for me. Im majoring in applied finance which like hardly anyone here majors in lolz. its really interesting and massive future job prospects..esp coz i wanna go into commercial law-focusing mainly on breach of contract and white collar crime.
    heyy engineering eh? thats a very good course. I know a lot of people that are doing engineering, its a big workload but they enjoy it :)
    yeah the hsc goes bery fast, but trust me, year 12 the best year of high school and towards the end it gets pretty emotional..exams, leaving your school behind and moving into the future...its scary but interesting like walking into the unknown.
    hope your exam timetable isnt too bad. LOL we got our exam timetables for uni as well...lol both law exams on the same day...thats 6 hours of exams!! grrr...but i dont mind coz its good to be in the law mood all in one go..then at the end of it all, i can finally relax :)
    Lol what's Engo??
    Im at UWS parra. Hoping to transfer at the end of the year. It's not that I dont like my uni..I love my uni but i really want to get into USyd. Ive made some awesome friends though that I really dont want to leave...but some of them want to transfer to usyd also so yay!! Goddamn it..its like a distinction average to transfer lol.
    OMG im sure you did well in your half yearlys. Heaps more assessments to come so brace yourself. You'll love uni. At first i didnt like it too much but now I really love it.
    UNSW or ANU eh??/ both very amazing universities. I wish you the best of luck :)
    hey omg youre halfway through the hsc already!! i cant believe it. All the best of luck, though im sure you will do awesome :)
    how did your half yearlys go???
    back to school on thursday?
    Yeah i'm at uni studying a double degree of b business and commerce/b laws
    its good...a lot of work but you get used to it. I have heaps of awesome friends there now that I have lunch with , study with etc etc.
    its different to school...im studying something interesting all the time..every lesson is just so amazing :)
    Haha but my post count has gone up and down due to my spam. Maybe I should get off this but it's not much of a distraction :p
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