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    hayy :)

    How's Uncle Jamal going?

    FCUKING LOL! this accounts getting deleted btw, :) i shall tty TOMORROW!


    ily, xx.
    otay:) take careee alex:)

    see yuu in wednesdayyy

    i wasn't invited to alyssa's :( i feel SO loved :(

    have fun, wish her a HAPPY BIRFDAIII from me :)
    total number of character 1730 lol geee max per box is 1000 lool... sorry for trashing ur pagee haha
    haha :) anddd essshhh next time ur at the beach telll meee dude.. youse can come to house parties arndd here with ur friends.. COME TO MY 18TH NEXT YEAR JANUARY :D having like 800ish ppl.. hope it doesnt turn out into like the corey worthington thing.. do u remember that lol :p andd yeaahh u seem like ur really talented in the arty areas :) which is reallly goood :) hope u do well in ur hsc , sure u will thooo.. just study harrd i guess. but keeep a balance haha dont turn into a anti-social motherfuckerr. loll .. likee meee :) havnt like got with a girl since new yeears eve... which is soooooooooooooooo long.. haha
    and i just wrote u a longer essay :) increasing my word limit :p getting faster :D
    and my fav sub is def maths, shame they only supply 4 units of it in the hsc haha
    take care xx
    oh and u shud def add me on msn from my page when u have time .. yeaaah yeaaah
    i wiwsh i ahd a mum as smart as yours :) luckky one .. what does she teach btw?
    and hahahaha omg ur going to the seminar hahahaha... hearrd like 25 ppl turn up to these shit seminarss ayyy.. hope it turns out alrite for u tho and u get somethign out of it
    guys here snobs? get out of here u loooer :)
    best guys in the world around the eastern suburbs of sydney mateey :p
    aahahahaha nahhh ill stop being a cocky cunt now..
    lol yeaahh there are preety big dickwits aroudn here.. so what youve heard is right..
    but thats the same with everywhere.. from ur page i see ur from chester hilll... no idea where that is but if its around castle hill haha there are dickheads there tooo :)

    haha anddd spanish girls aree that hoot ayee :) lucky uss with the tans :)
    hahaha and you are SO LUCKY
    you mums a teacher , fuck that is sooo goood
    hahahahaha lol you get overr it afteerr a whlee ayyy..
    actually u seriously get over it after a while lol
    the only good thing left at bondi is the girls at bondi junction after school everyday haha
    other than that nothing much ... oh yeah the tan aswell :p
    dont really needd to get tanned but ayy naturally am haha
    feel sorry for the boys n girls out in the surf all day tryingso hard to have skin liikke me hahaha :p naaaaaaaaah
    and lol yeaah im in year 12.. haha . itss okayy lol ... preety good actually.
    mid years start of next term so preety devooo .. have to study the whole holidays :(
    hatee youu so much looser :p
    anyways yeaahh.. year 12s alrite .. pressure starting to appear now haha
    wbu? year 12? or 11? and how are you finding it???
    bet your nailling everything :)
    wut subs do u do aswell?
    hahahaha and omg i just realised i like wrote u an essay hahaha :L
    take care xx
    if a penguin said hello.
    and tried to shake your hand.
    what would you do?

    i had the weirdest dream last night.
    I dont want them to go.
    but they are.
    we've been best friends from the start.
    but now their going.

    ill miss you girls forever.
    ill visit you one day.

    love you. alex
    dudeee.....my valentine is quite...attractive... if u dont mind me saying, she's like attractive... ohemgeee...id do her :)

    LOL when i tell you tomorrow what to look at you'll see what i mean :):)

    WOW...i feel like Cassie from skins LOL


    all i can say is WOW she's LOVELY
    LOL im boredddddd

    im so over this subject :(:(:(

    its crap.

    i got a message from HIM before

    coz i told him about how i was supposed to come onto alison for playboy... and he's like "Playboy? Lolwut!"

    ahahaha....this playboy of the western world is killing me with the jokes im making about it :):)


    love alex

    LMAO. well i thought whats his name was your VALENTINE..

    and ALL alex's are AWESOME.

    lol. mr nguyen is annoying!!!!!!!!!


    remember the ALEXS' unite thread we did..


    that was funny.. abhahahaah.
    and im stressing this year soooo bad babe!!!

    whats yu doing for CAFFS now?

    how AWESOME are we...

    i still havent gotten my valentine yet, check the thread :):)

    its crap i wanna neg rep her SO bad :):)



    love alex xx.
    RAWR....hayy hun, how shit was english today
    ohemgeee and a halff
    see you tomorrow, im already stressing about the assessment :(:(
    take care



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