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    What are some techniques people use to write a lot in exams

    Try buying a bunch of different pens and test them until you find one that really works for you.
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    2020 Fort Street English Advanced Paper 1 Trial

    your teacher will probably give them to you once you get close to trials. If you ask them beforehand they'll probably give you some. the website thsc has quite a few as well.
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    2020 Fort Street English Advanced Paper 1 Trial

    Here are my responses, they're all full marks except the last q which I lost a mark on.
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    2020 Fort Street English Advanced Paper 1 Trial

    I'm pretty sure that section was marked externally so I'm not sure if there are sample answers. I'll DM you my responses when I get home
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    99.6 ATAR Economics/Maths/English/Modern tutoring available

    Im happy to take it on a case-by-case basis but as a general rule I'd say you are low income if at least one of your parents is in receipt of family tax benefit parts A and B (that's the definition usyd uses)
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    Multiple state ranks?!? Asking the class of 2020

    Yeah but he still got state ranks in all his other subjects, they just werent firsts tho
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    Multiple state ranks?!? Asking the class of 2020

    Yeah I would assume that a ridiculous amount of tutoring comes into it. I don't see how you could get a state rank except in maybe English or a foreign language subject without loads of tutoring.
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    year 10 to 11 holidays, what needs to be studied to prepare for year 11 2U ?

    Make sure your algebra skills are up to scratch because algebra underpins almost everything you do in prelim/hsc advanced. Sooooo many students have a really good grasp of concepts and know all the fancy formulas but still lose a lot of marks because they make silly errors in their algebra.
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    Is making notes for economics necessary?

    yeah definitely keep mind that there are loads of correct approaches when it comes to making notes, what I said above is just what happened to work best for my learning style. But yes, imo a stat bank is essential.
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    Is making notes for economics necessary?

    In eco the number one thing you need in terms of notes is a really good stat bank. You need to build this up over the year so when you hit trials you can really wow your examiner. In terms of notes on content, I found doing past questions was more beneficial as I found it really helped me...
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    A 95+ in Economics

    If you do effective, targeted study its surprisingly easy to do very well in eco. This because eco content is not like modern or bio where you have to know reams of facts - its basically about understanding key concepts and applying them. Sure, you have to memorise some stats for essays but...
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    Modern vs Economics

    Especially at band 6 level the scaling difference is negligible. In terms of workload modern is more about memorising loads of stats and regurgitating them in a rigid, structured essay with lots of 'sophisticated' vocabulary. Eco is more about understanding concepts and applying them, also the...