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    This doesnt answer your post, but my friend completed first year of med sci at uts, then sat the UCAT (plus interview, and atar of around 95) and got in ! Good luck! Don't let people bring you down into these misconceived/preconceived ideas.
  2. _rakelt

    Enrolling in subjects help plz

    This!!!! Just do first year subjects and pick your major later on
  3. _rakelt

    Still trying to decide a topic.. pls help

    Hi! I did History extension (hsc 2019) and got an E4! Feel free to shoot me a msg :)
  4. _rakelt

    Chances of getting into my dream course?

    I believe you will be fine. Did you get any band 5 or 6's? Then you are eligible for adjustment factors. Refer to this page: https://www.uts.edu.au/future-students/year-12-adjustment-factors I've attached the adjustment factors scheme for Bachelor of Nursing FT at UTS below for you!
  5. _rakelt

    3 year healthcare related degrees?

    Physiotherapy? Occupational therapy? Dental Health? Exercise and Nutrition Sciences?
  6. _rakelt

    Is getting my Master's really worth the $$?

    Thanks for the info! In terms of admission requirements, I plan to enrol myself under the requirement: "a pass bachelor degree in a health or science-related discpline plus a minimum of 12 months relevant work experience." As I am currently undertaking paid work at a pharmacy (pharmacy...
  7. _rakelt

    Is getting my Master's really worth the $$?

    My double degree bachelor of med sci + business is more broader My masters however, is more specific in regards to the development of pharmacuetical drugs and devices, and obviously something that would piqued my interest more seeing my undergrad/bachelor degree is a bit broader and doesn't go...
  8. _rakelt

    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Good luck to everyone!!!! All of you guys will surprise yourself with how amazing you did :)
  9. _rakelt

    Is getting my Master's really worth the $$?

    Oh? I didn't know this. I'm not sure if macq have a master degree thats similar, but I'll check it out. Thanks!
  10. _rakelt

    Is getting my Master's really worth the $$?

    Thanks for the opinion!! ... if im honest, money isn't an issue for me, but 30k for a 1 year masters is quite alot lol.. I'm still very adamant to do my masters either way. Thank you!
  11. _rakelt

    Is getting my Master's really worth the $$?

    Hello everyone, I'm starting second year into my medsci/business degree soon in 2021... and I've been very interested in getting my masters after I finish this 4 year undergad degree. It's still pretty early, but I'm super keen to get my masters For the past few years, I've been very invested...
  12. _rakelt

    when does the distinguished achievers list come out?

    Its released a few hours after you get your individual subject marks (same day)
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    i said it before u :D
  14. _rakelt


    quality> quantity m8
  15. _rakelt