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Welcome to the Biki!

You're now accessing the only encylopædia in existence for the NSW Higher School Certificate. In time, the Biki will become a comprehensive network of interlinked HSC resources - created and maintained by students and teachers from around the state.

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What's a wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative site where absolutely anyone can contribute and share information. You might have already stumbled across some other wikis, such as the famous Wikipedia or the Wiktionary. This wiki functions in much the same way, except that it's managed entirely by students!

Hang on... did you just say anyone can contribute? 
That's right! If you're a member of the Bored of Studies website, you're automatically an official Biki contributor.
Doesn't that mean that some random could just destroy the entire wiki? 
Not really. There's a special 'revert' feature on each page of the wiki, which can be used to revert a page to any previous version with a single click. But why would you want to destroy a wiki anyway? It's really bad karma.
What if people have conflicting opinions? 
All Biki contributions are required to maintain a neutral point of view ("NPOV").
More questions? 
Refer to the Biki FAQ.

OK, so how do I use it?

Most of you will probably just spend your time browsing the wiki for information. If that's the case, all you have to do is follow the links at the top. But we'd encourage you to contribute as well!

If you've never used a wiki before, the beginner's guide is a good place to start.

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