Ways To Classify Sports Injuries

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Ways To Classify Sports Injuries

According to Cause


  • Definition: as a result of an external force applied from outside the body
  • Eg a collision with a person/object
  • Results: facial injuries, sprains, fractures, bruises, dislocations


  • Definition: an injury that results from internal forces, a result of excessive strain on the muscles
  • Results: tears, trains, sprains, stress fractures
  • Two ways: the injury can be distant from the injury site eg fall on hand, dislocate collar bone or the injury results from internal forces
  • Causes: inadequate warm up, ballistic movement

Overuse Injuries

  • Definition: occur due to long periods of overuse or intense/unreasonable use of joints or body areas
  • Eg anterior shin splints, stress fractures, tendonitis
  • Provoke by: repetitive, low impact exercise eg jogging
  • Symptoms: pain and inflammation

Soft tissue

  • Any injury to all tissue except bones and teeth, incl skin, muscle tendon + ligament
  • Common sport injuries

Hard tissue

  • Damage to the bones: incl fractures, dislocations and bruising (of the bone)

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