The Relationship Between Sport and the Mass Media

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Mass Media:

  • Mass Media(MM) is a form of communication, which is directed from one source to a large percentage of the population. It Includes: T.V, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines.
  • The MM is a powerful influence on people’s behaviour, opinions and beliefs.
  • The MM has the power to divide or unite a nation.
  • Sport and media have developed an interdependent relationship. Sport relies on media to promote success and attract sponsorship, whilst the media rely on sport to seel their product, ie papers, T.V ECT.


The Representation of Sport in the Print media eg Newspapers, Magazines

  • Aust. passion for sport is reflected in the representation of sport in the Mass madia
  • Cliches used by reporters suggest that male athletes are gladiators and that competitions are huge battles. E.G: In Agassi’s win… ‘serving ,returning, slugging and sweating’
  • The representation of female athletes is much different in terns of the amount of coverage given to their sport and the language used. E.G Graf’s Win… ‘recover her poise, fluent accuracy’
  • The majority of sport represented in the media is Male dominated and has been for hundred os years. Women’s representation is slowly on the increase

Sport and Television

  • Mass media is responsible for the growth of new sports (world series cricket channel 9)
  • Programs like the Wide World Of Sports and Extreme Games increase the interest in new and alternative sports that are visually appealing.
  • Success and coverage of sports influenced whether people play it or not.
  • Changes have been made in a lot of sports and even athletes to make them more attractive to the media. Therefor increasing sponsorship and coverage. Eg: Friday night footy, Shot clock in Basketball Tennis Tie breaks.
  • TV companies want sedentary people to feel like they are at the fame and are providing outstanding coverage of many sports. Innovations such as race stump cam, slow motion replays player stats and different camera angles, improved sound quality, dressing room interviews ECT has assisted to this.
  • Women only receive 10% of all media coverage, Men get 72.8% of t.v coverage viewing

Economic considerations of T.V coverage and Sport

  • Sport is extremely popular with T.V programmers, as it’s cheap and entertaining.
  • Financially the T.V stations come out much better in this relationship. They get great mileage out of past footage even when comp is rained out…E.G Rugby League.
  • This financial balance has led to many organisations (AFL) seeking greater control of media rights in order to make a greater profit out of the relationship.

The Production of Media Messages

  • Athletes are often used as a commodity.
  • To increase Mass media sales, athletes are presented in ways to attract the reader or viewer.
  • Poses of athletes, inparticular females, are often styled to create images of sexual appeal
  • Space allocated to women indigenous Aussies and alternative sports is minimal

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