The Meaning of Physical Activity and Sport to Indigenous Australians

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Traditional activities and games

  • The games and activities are centered on the development of the skills required for hunting and gathering and passing on of aboriginal culture.
  • Examples of such games and activities include;-
    • sham fights for children
    • Spear dodging
    • Bubberah
    • Boomerang dodge
    • Dancing as part of a corroboree.

Links between community, identity and sport

  • Each tribe or language group had its own unique identity and customs
  • Its generally known that before colonisation, Aboriginal people occupied themselves with games and activities that centred around physical and cultural survival
  • There was little division between work and play and games and activities were aimed at developing skills in hunting gathering, tracking, climbing, running, swimming and wrestling.
  • Boys and Girls would have races to see who could climb up and down a tree fastest.
  • All these activities promote strength, endurance and accuracy in throwing, and qualities necessary for success as a community.
  • Kinship: is a blood relationship
  • The rules of indigenous games tended to be very broad and play continued for as long as they enjoyment lasted
  • Scoring was unimportant.

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