The Basis of Aerobic Training

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The Basis of Aerobic Training


One of the first steps in the design of an exercise program is to actually determine the health of the individual and their exercise history. This information is important as it could:

  • Identify health or medical conditions which may place the individual at risk, e.g history of heart problems.
  • Assist in the design of a safe and effective training program, particularly taking into account their history
  • Identify possible contraindicated (dangerous) exercises. Eg they have a lower back injury
  • Provide motivation to the individual in terms of their level of fitness. (Identify goals)

Application of FITT Principle

F- frequency (how many days per week training occurs)

I- intensity (how hard the individual trains)

T- time (duration of exercise/activity)

T- type (the activity chosen for the exercise)

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