Sports Policy and the Sports Environment

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Sports Policy and the Sports Environment

Responsibilities of the Club, School, Sports Administrator

  • Should be: safe, challenging, supervised, encouraging, sportsmanlike, medical assistance easily available if needed

Rules of Sport and Activities

  • Aims: assist flow of play, prevent injuries
  • Eg some movements are illegal eg head high tackle, squash glasses for < 19s
  • Safety is enforced by the referee/umpire

Modified Rules for Children

  • Egs: T ball, lower ring for basket/net ball, reward for effort and participation, rooball, Kanga cricket
  • Modifying equipment, distances/length to make sport easier/safer for children

Even Competition

  • Matching size, gender, age, strength, skill etc, eg grading system
  • Uneven matching = greater risk of injury (esp. contact sports)

Grounds and Facilities

  • Should be designed + maintained to promote safety
  • Eg padded goalposts, well lit, well stocked first aid room, even flat, non-slip surface

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