Social Justice Principles

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Social justice principles include valuing diversity, achieving equity and creating a supportive environment.


Social Justice Principles


The valuing of diversity helps to eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on ethnicity.


  • Health equity means that all have access to the health services and support they need at the time that they need it, and in a place that is easily accessible.
  • Working towards equity is not just about achieving equality in health status. Equity is achieved when people's needs guide the allocation of resources and facilities.

Supportive Environments

Social, political and environmental conditions should help the individual or community to achieve optimal health. While individual diversity may be encouraged and they may have equity in access, the y will not be empowered to access resources and services if they do not receive adequate support. For example, a homosexual individual may have difficulty accessing support services if they reside in a country where homosexuality is unlawful or regarded as wrong, as they will feel unwilling to attempt such access for fear of retribution.


What are the attitudes about diversity within Australia that either promote health or act as barriers to health?

Is equity about opportunity or equal outcome?

How does social and political decision-making impact on supportive environments for health?

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