Skilled Performers Versus Unskilled Performers

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Skilled Performers Versus Unskilled Performers

Kinaesthetic sense

This allows them to feel the movement as they perform. Their ‘muscle memory’ is highly developed. Can identify adjustments that they need to make before error occurs

Anticipation and Timing


  • Skilled performers can better predict outcomes in specific circumstances
  • Effective anticipation increases time available to perform movements
  • Improvement for externally paced sports


  • Timing of execution of the skill – well timed, smooth and co-ordinated
  • Ability of the athlete to position themselves to enable skill execution in the best possible manner – right place, right time

Mental Approach

Skilled performers have high mental approach as well as physical. Mental qualities include: - recognise and respond to relevant cues, mental rehearsal done well highly motivated internally, can control arousal often experienced with goal setting ability.


Skilled performers show much more consistency. They are able to produce the desired level of performance regularly

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