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Protective Equipment

  • Generally voluntary
  • Purposes:
    • Absorb/disperse energy from a direct blow eg mouthguard
    • Limit excessive movement eg joint braces
    • Deflect a blow eg fencing chest plate

Apparel and Protective Guards

  • Helmets
    • Should be warned if there is risk of head injury: eg cycling, football, ice hockey
  • Mouthguards
    • For the prevention of dental + jaw injuries
  • Shoulder pads and shin pads
    • Protect players against soft tissue injuries eg bruising by absorbing the impact of a blow
    • Also: hats, sunnies, wetsuits, gloves
    • Should be: well tested, comfortable
  • Footwear: supportive + protective + sport specific

Safe Court and Field Design

  • Eg padded goals + other equipment (eg sponsor’s signs) shouldn’t interfere
  • On even ground, not near dangers (trees etc), facing north/south

Safe Playing Equipment

  • Equipment should: undergo regular maintenance + safety checks, be the correct size, sufficient in number, properly erected/constructed

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