Playing With Injury

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Pressure to Participate

  • Financial/contractual obligations
  • Internal motivation
  • Media pressure
  • Pressure from team/spectators
  • With the aid of:
    • Heavy strapping
    • Injections
  • Concussion boxing regulations

The Role of the Coach and Sports Medicine Practitioner

  • Combined into one position for many junior sports
  • Coaching + first aid accreditation is desirable
  • Sports medicine practitioner: prepared, equipped, educate, advise
  • Coach: teach, demonstrate, train, motivate, organise, discipline, plan, advise
  • Both must liaise with doctors and medical practitioners when necessary
  • Should emphasise injury prevention

Policies that regulate the timing of return to play

  • Return to boxing after a knockout policy

Why aren’t such policies applied universally to all sports?


Who should have ultimate responsibility for deciding if an athlete competes?

Should athletes be allowed to use painkillers in order to compete with an injury?

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