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This option module builds upon understanding developed in the HSC core module Factors Affecting Performance. In this module, students pay particular attention to approaches for the physiological and psychological preparation of athletes. Students will experience and analyse a variety of training methods and investigate the application of these methods to specific events. The impact of competition on performance and the considerations for a coach seeking to improve the performance of athletes are also examined.

In this module, students investigate the following critical questions:

  • How do athletes train for improved performance?
  • How does competition affect performance?
  • What are the coaching considerations for improving performance?

This module provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to improve their performance as well as enabling them to apply the concepts to various coaching contexts.


A student:

H7 explains the relationship between physiology and movement potential

H8 explains how a variety of training approaches and other interventions enhance performance and safety in physical activity

H9 explains how movement skill is acquired and appraised

H10 designs and implements training plans to improve performance

H11 designs psychological strategies and nutritional plans in response to individual performance needs

H16 devises methods of gathering, interpreting and communicating information about health and physical activity concepts

H17 selects appropriate options and formulates strategies based on a critical analysis of the factors that affect performance and safe participation.

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