Option 2: Sport and Physical Activity in Australian Society

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This option module is concerned with the sociocultural perspectives of sport and physical activity in Australian society. In this module, students investigate how the meanings given to sport and physical activity have changed over time and are different for different groups of people. Students explore how sport, as a major social institution in Australian society, is important in shaping people’s values and beliefs about national identity, gender, sexuality and culture.

In this module, students investigate the following critical questions:

  • How have meanings about sport and physical activity changed over time?
  • What is the relationship between sport and national identity?
  • How does the mass media contribute to people’s understanding, values and beliefs about sport?
  • How does the meaning of physical activity and sport vary for different cultural groups?
  • What are the relationships between sport and physical activity and gender and sexuality?

This option module encourages students to critically analyse how sport both constructs and is produced in the context of particular social values and beliefs. Students discover that sports judged to be important and the kind of participation and participants that are supported are very much a product of the values and beliefs of a society at any one time in its history. Studying this module will assist students to become more critical consumers of media and other cultural messages about sport and physical activity.


A student:

H12 analyses the influence of sociocultural factors on the way people participate in and value physical activity and sport

H16 devises methods of gathering, interpreting and communicating information about health and physical activity concepts.

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