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Measurement of Skill

Appraisal and measurement are terms used to describe, the processing of assessing, evaluating and determining the quality and quantity or level of skill performance.

Subjective Assessment

  • This occurs when the result or decision is influenced by the judges opinion.
  • Attempts are made to make subjective assessments more objective by creating set marking criteria.

Objective Assessment

  • Refers to the extent to which the appraisal is independent of the obseverm ie when the result or the decision does not have to be interpreted by the judges.

Skill Related Tests

Apart from assessing the physical capacity of the athlete their motor skill development can also be assessed. Skill related tests can provide an objective method for evaluating the skills requires for success in particular sports.

Validity and Reliability

Validity is a term that describes the truthfulness or honesty of a test of appraisal technique. The test hast o be directly related to the skills being assessed.

Reliability is the ability of the test to produce similar results under similar conditions with similar subjects. It expresses the consistency of the test.

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