Managing Anxiety

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Managing Anxiety

For arousal and anxiety to be at an optimal level strategies need to be developed and practised to ensure that this occurs.

Concentration and attention skills

  • Attention is the way individuals use their senses to perceive what is going on around them.
  • Attention needs to be:
    • Selective: - What needs to have attention
    • Shiftable: - Can change it voluntary or involuntary
    • Divisible: - More than just one focus

Mental Rehearsal

  • Mental rehearsal is picturing in your mind your own physical performance in either training or competition
  • Combined with physical practice it can be a powerful tool to enhance performance
  • It is used so that the athlete will have competed in the event several times before competition.


  • Athletes create a picture in their mind
  • Can be internal, what it looks like from their position
  • Can be external, what it looks like from a spectator
  • Most beneficial if the athlete:
    • Believes it will benefit them
    • Has the time and patience to practice effectively


  • Used to calm the athlete, decrease anxiety and control arousal
  • Can be done at any stage of a performance for an athlete to gain composure
  • Offer done before mental rehearsal
  • It also requires patience and practice

Goal Setting

  • Needs to be SMART
  • Useful to :-
    • Increase motivation
    • Give the athlete direction
    • Commitment
  • Allows them to monitor and evaluate their progress
  • Should be broken up into short term, intermediate and long term goals

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