Judging the Quality of Performance

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Judging the Quality of Performance

Outcomes of skilled performances

Being able to complete motor skills successfully has a number of benefits including :-

  • Increased self esteem
  • Relate to personal identity and feelings of self confidence
  • Increased motivation to improve even further
  • Skill level increases, ability to understand also increases
  • Success in one area leads to stimulate interest to attempt new skills and try new sports

Characteristics of skilled performance

One way of describing the quality of skilled performance may be achieved by relating it to a criterion level of performance.

Statements of skilled performance included :

  • Performs with minimum effort for maximum results
  • Has all the time in the world
  • Is in the right place at the right time.
  • Is accurate, well co-ordinated
  • Has excellent timing
  • Has smooth movements
  • Is consistent
  • Makes the right decision
  • Has more options available to choose from
  • Lead to financial rewards

Personal v’s Prescribed Judging Criteria

It is imperative that judging criteria are set down in order to make the judging process as objective as possible.

Most sports rely on opinion when judging the quality of performance work and may award points according to:-

  • Execution of the skill
  • Style
  • Theme
  • Degree of originality
  • Sequencing correctness
  • Expression timing and rhythm
  • Music selection

Each different physical activity has different characteristics and different performance and skill demands so it appropriate that specific and appropriate assessment criteria are chosen accordingly for each individual activity.

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