Immediate Physiological Response to Training

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Immediate Physiological Response to Training

Heart Rate

  • Heart rate measures the intensity of exercise and your fitness level
  • During exercise: increases then levels off (if you’re fit)
  • After exercise: rapid decrease (if you’re fit this is fast) then slows gradually

Ventilation Rate

  • Definition: the movement of air in (inspiration) and out (expiration) by the lungs
  • Measured by minute ventilation: breaths per minute
  • During exercise: increases
  • Training improves lung function

Stroke Volume

  • Definition: the amount of blood pumped by the heart in each beat, measured in mLs/beat
  • The fitter person: at rest: sv is greater, during exercise: much greater
  • Great increase between rest and moderate exercise

Cardiac Output

  • Definition: volume of blood pumped out of the heart each minute
  • Is stroke volume X heart rate
  • During exercise: increases to get oxygen to working muscles
  • Fitter person: about the same because stroke volume increases but heart rate decreases

Lactate Levels

  • Lactate: a salt formed from lactic acid accumulates during intense anaerobic activity
  • During exercise: pH levels decrease, = acidic = difficult to contract muscles
  • Oxygen cannot remove the lactic acid quickly enough
  • Lactate threshold: 50% of Max, when lactate starts to build, can be raised by aerobic (endurance) training
  • Eg 400m

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