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Bored of Studies Premium Membership is back better than before. In partnership with HSC in the Holidays, you will now have access to more 1000 of the highest quality Premium Resources available to any HSC student. These notes are an invaluable resource for any Year 11 or 12 student completing their HSC.

Subjects include: General Maths, Ancient History, Modern History, Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Software Design & Development, Music, and PDHPE!

The benefits of being a BOS Premium Member do not end with just the database of resources. We are aiming to provide with you a lot more in value, which will not only assist you with your HSC marks but also with life as a high school student.

  • Video Tutorials
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  • BOS Premium Membership Pricing

    The new BOS premium membership is just $50 for one full year. A lot cheaper than most things out there!! Take advantage now. Registration for standard membership is available to everyone for free and members will still retain the current access and features across the entire 'bored of studies' website.

  • Payment Methods

    Payment is processed through PayPal Australia an internationally recognised online payment service. PayPal accepts most major credit cards and debit cards.

    If you have any questions regarding premium membership, please create a post in the contact moderators forum or email Premium Resources troubleshooting click here.

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